About Us

We Are Young But We
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Spaartan is a temple where blessings are offered in the form of fitness.

Spaartan offers different forms of martial art trainings suitable for varied age groups. It has been founded by Guinness Record holder, Vispy Jimmy Kharadi who himself is a Black Belt in Kudo, Karate, Judo and Aikijujutsu. When Vispy Kharadi created the world record, he realized lack of sufficient fitness training centers on Martial Art’s in India. He established Spaartan with the intention to –

  • Provide solution for muscle strengthening and elasticity.
  • Develop confidence through core training.
  • Overcome phobias of darkness, heights, street brawl situation, depths, etc.
  • Offer training on various forms of martial arts that can be adapted for self defense too.
  • Motivate people to participate in martial art’s competitions at various levels.

  • Vision & Mission

    Why Spaartan?

    Spaartan is much more than a training institute for martial arts. The training is oriented with the concept of APE Gym (Adaptive Physical Education) which focuses mainly on developing coordination between mind and body. The unique combination of training forms are designed to develop core strength with a functional approach.

    Vispy Kharadi believes that a good street fighter shall know all the aspects of martial arts and hence the preposition is to train members onto various forms of martial art techniques.

  • Vision & Mission


    To create a revolution in the fitness industry by not limiting its scope to traditional body building but to enhance human endurance, capability and strength by  taking the scope of fitness across MMA, Self Defence, & Kudo.


    To produce a martial artist in every family. Martial artists train for themselves and their family for any unnatural situations they may unexpectedly ever come across. Here by our aim is producing at least a single warrior in every family.

    Vision & Mission