• MMA Unisex Batch

    In this session, the trainer at Spaartan concentrates on fitness, muscle elasticity, muscle strengthening, cardio, etc. MMA helps in weight reduction, strengthening of muscles, development of individual strength both physically and mentally.
    The major benefits of MMA are –

    • It is suitable to everyone. Anyone irrespective of age or gender can join MMA.
    • It improves overall fitness of an individual.
    • It strengthens confidence and develops discipline.
    • It stimulates team work.
    • It keeps you active throughout the day.
    • It teaches self defense too.

    Vision & Mission

  • Vision & Mission


    In our Kudo training, students are inspired to learn the sport with an objective to bring glory and fame to self as well as society. Kudo is best suited to educational institutes and schools who are looking for best fitness and self-defense training for the family. The KIFI (Kudo International Federation of India) of Spaartan is affiliated with –

    • Kudo International Federation, Japan.
    • School Games Federation of India.
    • Indian Olympic association.
    • Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, Govt of India.

  • Women Self Defense

    Self-defense is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself or the well-being of another from any sort of physical assault or harm. This training is absolutely free to all females over and above 12 years of age. The overall training is conducted twice a week for upto 8 sessions where each batch does not extend more than 20 females.
    During the sessions, females are trained to defend against any uncertain situation with confidence. Avoidance and running away from the unnatural situation is taught as the primary objective of self-defense to students. The program is highly successful all over the world and thousands of women in India are getting trained as on date.