Vispy Jimmy Kharadi

Two times ‘Guinness World Record Holder’, ‘World Karate Championship Participant’, ‘Judo Black Belt’ etc. are few titles that define the personality of Vispy Jimmy Kharadi.

Vispy Kharadi is the holder of 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate, 1st Dan Black Belt in Kudo and 1st Dan Black Belt in Aikijujutsu and Judo. He is a certified professional of the self –defensive technique, Krav Maga. He has participated in “Milo World Karate Championship” which was organized in Malaysia in the year 2011. He had also participated in many district, state and national levels “Judo Championships”.

Vispy has made the Guinness World record of “Most Layered Bed of Nails Sandwich” under Martial Arts Category in 2011 & 2014. His excellent fitness level has always inspired him to perform best in studies as well as other curriculum activities during his Post Graduation. Honored by King of Martial Arts in India, Akshay Kumar – the Bollywood Actor, Vispy has many achievements at his credit.